Hello, my name is Claudia. I'm a multitasking maven from Los Angeles, New Jersey and Seoul, currently living in Denver. I like to blog about my slightly excessive life and taste. Here I post photos, videos, tips and thoughts on surviving and thriving through modern life while feeling good, looking glam and getting sh*t done. From beauty & fashion to mental health & productivity, I like to think this blog has something useful to offer everyone.

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I have no editor, no publisher, no agent. So no idea.

I’m glad to hear it considering all I have is massive anxiety about executing it

These situations are the most heart wrenching because you want to rescue your friend but getting involved doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be helping or putting an end to it and could end in you also being hurt. The best you can do is be there for your friend without trying to control her or her abusive ex. Be a friend and listen to her, when she asks for help, help. But I would give up on being a rescuer that steps in.

I’ve been ruminating on this a lot for my book.

I manage anxiety and depression by going to a therapist, taking my prescribed meds, practicing cognitive behavioral therapy as well as dialectical behavioral therapy (both are fancy American therapy rip offs of Buddhist practices)

That’s such a hard question because I literally have not encountered a Korean food I don’t love. I’m a big jjigae person, stews are my jam. I also love oxtail soup, fried mackerel, any noodles hot or cold, I love hwe dup bap (Korean style sashimi over rice). The list is deep and varied

There was no moment in particular for me, I’ve always been an especially determined little fucker even as a child. My aspirations have always been high because I subscribed to my father’s unhealthy philosophy which was “aim for the stars so that if you fail you’ll at least be in the clouds.” I have high school papers where I talk about wanting to own buildings and companies and have an empire.

A morning routine, lots of goal setting and just wanting to improve as a person. Also love my Passion Planner (use referral

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