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A morning routine, lots of goal setting and just wanting to improve as a person. Also love my Passion Planner (use referral

Park Geun-hye (the former first woman president of South Korea), My deceased grandfather from North Korea and Griselda Blanco

Currently very influenced by Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it’s changed my home and my daily. My trip to NYC gave me a lot of inspiration for work and I’m hoping my trip to Mexico does the same. I’ve been channeling a lot of Mary Fisher aesthetic from She Devil. Musically I’ve been listening to a lot of Azealia Banks and really loving 90’s house music I grew up hearing

The more the better but you can literally start with the $5 in your pocket

I’ve built my confidence over time and still have moments of self doubt

It was amazing. She sounds just as good live as she does on studio tracks, it’s ridiculous. Most memorable part was her tribute to Prince, she performed Purple Rain 😭

Azealia Banks makes a line of soaps geared towards fading that are supposed to work really well, I don’t have personal experience with them yet but people report good results and I know she put a lot of work into researching and developing them. Her site is

Target launch date is November 1. The team is working hard 💪

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