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When I was that age I was writing and editing literature magazines at my high school for experience. 

Absolutely not. Men like all types of women. There are dedicated followings for BBW models and sex workers. 

Ideal date with a man: Meet at airport and fly to Vegas and max out all his credit cards shopping, spa, fine dining, end the night doing cocaine and weed in a suite and ordering room service then hitting the roulette tables at 3 am. Wake the next morning to more room service.

Ideal date with a girlfriend: Have a smoking and tarot session, get mani and pedis, followed by shopping for witchy things like crystals and flowers, sushi, ice cream, K-spa for body scrub, massage and facial. 

Ace their classes and flame them on RateMyProfessor to let other people know not to take their class.

Nothing you can do will prevent a man who wants to leave from leaving. 

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