Cheap bf

Hi, I love your attitude in life and want to channel it into my relationship. My long-term boyfriend just got me a cheap ass gift for xmas, around $50. I got him a much nicer gift, and he makes good money (more than me), doesn’t have student loans, and generally can afford a nice gift for me. He knows I think he’s cheap but this is the last straw. How to I convey that he needs to step up his game or I’ll find someone else who will?

I’d turn your nose up at his gift and ask him if he kept the receipt, take his ass to the store to return it and make him get you something more expensive.

And then I’d dump his cheap ass. 

It’s one thing to not be able to spend because you don’t have it, it’s another when he has it and won’t spend it on you. He’s basically letting you know that in his eyes, you’re not worth it.