10 Things Not To Wear In Your Dating Profile

They say first impressions have a lasting impact. In person, first impressions are based on appearances and behavior: from what you look like, to how you dress, and the way you act. The same goes for first impressions in the online dating world, except on the internet all you have are pictures and words. In the online dating world your first impression is a profile picture. There are a lot of things you can do to creep out girls on the internet, at least get to the conversation part before you scare her off. Here are ten things you should never ever wear in your online dating profile

Speedos. I don’t care what country you’re from, Speedos for heterosexual men are never the look. The only digital dating place where Speedos can thrive is Grindr.

A sarong. Sarongs on a man are so wrong for so many reasons. Man skirts of all kinds are a no, but the sarong is the most egregious. Cultural appropriation aside, why are you wearing a woman’s thigh baring beach cover up to lure women?

A costume. Extra bad if it’s a head to toe costume that hides what you look like completely. I know Halloween is around the corner and you want to, but don’t.

A work name tag. Let’s be honest, women aren’t flocking to guys whose occupations require them to wear name tags, so let’s not advertise the fact that you stock groceries for a living in your profile picture. What you do for a living should be conveyed during conversation, not in your picture.

A fedora of any kind. Fedora hatred is cliche for a reason.

These leopard print boxer briefs with a leopard’s face where your junk is. Making your crotch the main focus of your profile picture is never the move, no woman finds that shit attractive. It’s humorous at best, but in a laughing at you, not laughing with you kinda way. Stay away from crotch-centric shots.

Your mode of transportation. This is a no win situation, either your car/bike/tractor is unimpressive, or your car is impressive and you look like an arrogant douche.

Those ugly reflective glasses that white guys, dads, and cops like to wear.

Your birthday suit. Save that for after she consents to seeing you naked.

A child. I know you think you’re scoring sensitivity brownie points with your infant nephew on your lap, but in reality you’re just scaring off girls who don’t want men with kids. Also if you do have kids, that’s something that should be discovered through conversation, not a profile picture.

Your bros. As a girl who dates online, a group pictures means I don’t know which one you are, and I’m not gonna take the effort to find out. Also sticking your less attractive friend into your dating profile to look better by comparison is a dick move.