Q&A: Your Friend’s Bachelor Party

Q: any tips on making a lame bachelor party (paint balling) more fun? or should I just fall back and let the groom ride the wave he wants to ride..?

It seems your friend knows what he wants to do, while you seem hung up on having an “un-lame bachelor party”.

Here’s a little story I was told by my homie who attended my wedding & honeymoon in Vegas and his friend’s bachelor party in Vegas all in the same month. For his homie’s bachelor party, all the friends who threw the bachelor party were hellbent on having a typical strip club ‘Hangover’ style experience. Long story short, their experience fell way short of their expectations, and in the process of trying to force themselves to have the time they thought they should be having, the guys had an awful time. 

In comparison, my homie said he had an amazing time at my wedding and honeymoon week. Him and others ended up missing flights and extending their stays to keep partying with me and Hubbington. My approach to planning was the exact opposite of his bachelor party friends. I had no grandiose ideas, I didn’t try to live up to some vision of what I thought my wedding and honeymoon should be like. I simply did exactly what I wanted to do without giving a shit what other people thought. I didn’t force any activities onto anyone, I just sent out a mass text everyday of what was on the menu and it was up to people to show up or not.

Let your boy do what he wants, it’s his bachelor party.