Q&A: Skincare


Q: I have oily/acne prone skin with dark marks in some areas :|! do you have any skin regiments that you would recommend? I started using Mario Badescu’s products, but I wanted to know of your currents favorites since your skin looks so flawless!

A: I’m not big into sticking to one product line’s regimen. I’ma product slut. But this is my basic skincare philosophy

1. CLEANSE REALLY WELL. I swear by pre-cleansing with oil

2. Face wash + clarisonic brush

3. Exfoliate chemically, not physically. Think fruit acids, enzymes, AHAs and stay away from grainy shit like St. Ives Apricot Scrub (that shit is suitable for my feet IMO)

4. Day Serum – something with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, AHAs.

5. Moisturizer/Sunscreen – I combine this step because I’m lazy and lots of moisturizers have SPF

6. Serum + heavy cream or oil at night 

7. Good for your skin makeup when you wear it

8. Weekly masks

Oily and acne prone skin needs oil cleansing (sounds scary, works miracles), I use Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil, it’s a Korean brand available at Sephora. You also need more than just your hands when cleansing your face, I highly recommend you invest in a Clarisonic brush, I’ve had mine through like 5 boyfriends and a husband and it’s still going. I would also recommend anything with high doses of vitamin C, they’ll lighten the dark marks, even your skin tone, and help with oiliness – Philosophy makes a pure vitamin C powder that you can mix into existing moisturizer or foundation, it’s powerful stuff.

As for what I currently use, it’s expensive and if finsubs weren’t funding these habits I wouldn’t buy them. By Sunday Riley – Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Good Genes Serum, Luna Night Oil at night. Dermadoctor Photo Dynamic Therapy 3 in 1 SPF 30 during the day as moisturizer/sun screen. I also use Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta Daily Peel (comes in sensitive to extra strength) after cleansing from time to time to exfoliate chemically. I prefer chemical exfoliation to physical/abrasive exfoliation.

I’m also super careful about what kinda of makeup I wear on my skin, namely primer, foundation, concealer. I have Hourglass primer, Hourglass foundation in both the matte and original formula, Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, and Kat Von D concealer.

For weekly masks I love Ole Henriksen Berry Enzyme, Kate Somerville Exfoliate, First Aid Beauty Red Clay Mask

Hope this helps and isn’t too overwhelming. Koreans have intense skincare routines.