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Subsists on a steady diet of social media, streamed music, memes, fake news and pop culture. Lived through the death of CD’s, cable tv, radio and witnessed the x and rise of the internet, reality TV, streaming and podcasting. Unapologetically millenial. Considers Emoji her third language and the Spice Girls her favorite feminist icons. City mouse from NYC, LA and Seoul

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Build your brand from nothing or polish up and refine your existing one with a comprehensive brand strategy wherever you need it most
Fluent in Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat and Slack. Figure out which social media platforms your brand should be on and how to use them for maximum impact.
Speak in a language that entices customers and conveys a #mood. Product copy, advertising and social media content. I’ve also been known to write a killer dating profile if you need that sort of thing.
Complete front end web design. Whether it’s your brand’s logo or how you want your website to look, I can make it happen.

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